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Abseiling & Climbing Tower
Looking to try some Abseiling for the first time! Our Climbing Tower is a great way to introduce you to the sport

We have designed a wide range of climbing routes from easy, to very hard routes all are designed to challenge you and test your climbing skills.
Our experienced instructors will introduce you to the equipment you will be using when on our climbing tower as well as teaching you the basics of be-laying and climbing techniques. Once you have mastered the basics of be-laying then its time for you to have a go!
Once you have had a couple of goes at the easy route on our climbing tower you will start to build confidrence. As you build your confidrence you will soon find your self having a go at the more challenging routes.

Climbing Tower
Session Time around 2.5 to 3 hours
Climbing Wall Our Abseiling and Climbing tower is situated next to our High Level Ropes Course.
at the Black Mountain Activities centre.

If you have not done any climbing or Abseiling before then this is a great way to experience this great sport.


The other two sides of the climbing tower provide us with great abseiling walls. One has a nice gentle slop to start you off, and the other has a vertical take off! After overcoming your knee shaking first abseil, you will be running back to the top for more! don't worry, you don't have to climb to the top! there is a stairsway inside the tower to get you to the top?
Once you have mastered abseiling then try you can try a Forward Abseil !!!
prices from £35.00 per person half day based on 6 or more